What We Do

You are great at running your business, but you need to be able to do it when and where you want to.  Mobile and Cloud solutions require skill sets and ensuring risk-free infrastructure is time consuming.

We monitor your business infrastructure so that we get alerts if something goes down, but more importantly we ensure we are proactively protecting with planned and preventative maintenance so that you are running 24/7! And while your business is growing, we can scale your infrastructure to match your requirements.

We offer everything you need to run the IT parts of your business, from hardware to software and most importantly, our certified and experienced Team.

Data Consulting Services

  • We build the right architecture to support your business
  • We support you with change management and training
  • Our experience becomes invaluable because we understand how important your data really is
  • We ensure that your business is in compliance with legislation and regulatory changes
  • We can provide you a secure and fast connection for each of your users with Internet connections and WAN networking

Unified Communications

  • We install and monitor IP telephones (hard or soft)
  • We manage your Chat and Instant messaging
  • We do your Voicemail integration, Video Calling, and Conferencing
  • We ensure that you have the best tools for screen sharing, web meetings and document sharing
  • build you a roadmap to get you through the migrations needed to support your business

Service Architecture

  • Whether you have the newest or the oldest hardware, you need to have a roadmap and a process for migration. We can do this so that your business never goes down.
  • We have the expertise to architect your data center, storage, servers, security, virtualization and consolidation.
  • We know what the standard business benchmarks are so we can also help you with technology and manpower utilization. We ensure that your work space is optimized and that all your employees are able to work at any time.

IT Staffing

Whether you need expert resources on the fly, or ongoing support for your fulltime IT Manager, or training for your internal staff, we are ready to support your business. With over 25 years of experience, we offer a proprietary process that ensures you get the talent you require. We offer:

  • Application architecture, Application development, Application management
  • Business analysis, Business intelligence
  • Cloud Computing Support (SaaS, Public, private, and hybrid)
  • Data architecture, Data governance quality, Data warehousing
  • Information architecture, Information management
  • Integration management and middleware development
  • IT project management, Mobility, System design

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Important Kilobytes Data Solutions Inc. / Ironlogic preparedness for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) !!!!

Kilobytes and Ironlogic have taken a broader approach to its service continuity planning inclusive of the potential effects of the COVID-19 viral outbreak. While this planning does not replace our current extensive Business Continuity Planning it does however address possible impacts.