A Canadian Manufacturer’s Guide to Getting Your I.T. Infrastructure to the Cloud and Drive Profits! Grant Information Included!

The reality of cheap labour is gone. Yes, there are countries that are still considered to have “cheap labour” but Manufacturers on a growth plan are utilizing people resources less, and machine learning and technology more. Manufacturing has much more to do with machines and production than skilled labour. This is true especially in Canada. With a workforce that will hit over a 30% retired rate, and a millenium group coming into the workforce that is well educated, the Government of Canada is banking on technology being our differentiator. Or more specifically, on innovation being essential in the future of Manufacturing.

Find out how you can access Government Grants to support your I.T. Infrastructure migration and why it might just be time to do so in our latest guide specifically built for Canadian Manufacturers.

Download the guide for all the details!



Important Kilobytes Data Solutions Inc. / Ironlogic preparedness for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) !!!!

Kilobytes and Ironlogic have taken a broader approach to its service continuity planning inclusive of the potential effects of the COVID-19 viral outbreak. While this planning does not replace our current extensive Business Continuity Planning it does however address possible impacts.